Stage assembly

We continue to work hard and this summer of 2017 we have not been at all idle. At the end of June we carried out a stage assembly for the well-known French brand Sanofi. The event took place at the famous Barcelona Congress Palace and we spent 2 days setting it up.


Order: Sanofi

Assembly: 2 days

September 06, 2022

Setting up stage  – conference, day 1

During the first day of assembly we dedicated ourselves fully to the conference room where we were able to carry out the following tasks:

  • Installation of stage background previously produced in our workshop, with a frame with white canvas, measuring 27 x 3.85 meters. With windows for LED screens at 1.30 meters high, with a size of 4 x 2.25 meters. The stage background includes custom designed Forex print graphic elements. We also mounted a background scrim on a frame with black fabric, measuring 4 x 3.85 meters.
  • Inclined side racks with 8.5 x 3.85 meter white canvas.
  • Installation of the stage previously built by us, measuring 10 x 4.33 meters at 0.50 high.
  • Pixel covers 34 meters of white canvas with returns, 25 cm high.
  • Installation of  decorative carpet with a 2.8 x 3 meter hexagonal shape.
  • Manufacture and installation of control covers for the control table, measuring 12 x 1 meters on a black fabric frame.
  • “LEGO” construction of 100 x 100 x 130 cm, the base of this with wheels.
  • Dividers with a personalized design and a white painted wooden drawer with colored sticks.

Set assembly, day 2

During the second day of assembly we dedicated ourselves fully to the set, where we were able to assemble the following decorative elements:

  • Production and installation of stage background for the set, 4 x 3 meters with long return and support for 2 55-inch screens.
  • Assembly of the versatile Pipe and Drape system.
  • Manufacture and assembly of a raised table for the set, with a personalized design, painted in white.




Assembly days

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