If the literal translation of Showroom would be “showroom”, in retail the Showroom concept refers to a “shopping room“. Showroom design and set up is about creating an event that takes place in a specific space, where different brands exhibit their latest products and designs to their customers. It would be like a great showcase of one or more brands, where there is a certain air of exclusivity.

As these are ephemeral sales spaces, it is very important to correctly adapt the venue, which must be neutral, to the logistical and communication needs of each brand. To achieve this adaptation, we must not only take into account the existing resources of the site and take advantage of them as much as possible, but it is also necessary to create a working team between designers and the companies participating in the exhibition to provide a different shopping experience, fun and serves as a meeting point with the customer.

Following the concept of window dressing, the design and assembly of showrooms offers the possibility to go beyond the standard and imagine innovative and unique spaces, always with a strong communicative intention for the brand that generates a visual and sensory impact to all visitors.

How will the Showrooms design and assembly process be?

Tell us your idea

Share your ideas and objectives for your showroom with us and we will get to work to find the solutions that best suit your business or brand.

Your vision is essential to create a design that reflects your brand identity and conveys your message. It is important that the values representing the product or service on display should be reflected within the exposure perimeter.

Our team will listen carefully to your concepts, requirements and any inspiration. Every detail you share will be fundamental to understand your needs and desires, allowing us to create a personalized concept that speaks about your brand.

Design and development

We transform your ideas into a concrete design. Our talented designers use their creativity and experience to turn your concepts into a visually stunning project.

In addition, we maintain open communication with our customers, working online with them to advance together in the best possible way through advanced design tools, thus developing a plan that optimizes space and maximizes visual impact.

We present proposals that highlight the personality of your brand and align with your business objectives which you are looking for with a variety of elements and other additional services to integrate into your Showroom such as custom furniture, light boxes, event floors, bodies or our latest 4to8 models, among others.


With the design defined, we move on to the construction phase. Our team, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, works to give life to your showroom according to the approved design.

We select quality materials and use precise construction techniques to ensure that each element is durable and functional. The construction is done with attention to detail so that the final result meets your expectations.

Installation and assembly

It’s the exciting time to see your showroom materialize. Our team is responsible for the installation and assembly in a professional and accurate manner.

Each piece, from furniture to decorative elements, is carefully placed according to the approved design.

We make sure that every element is in place and that the overall layout creates an engaging and cohesive experience for your visitors.