In Saez Decom we have all kinds of flame retardant materials so that your event, fair or congress looks perfect, faithful to your design and complies with all safety regulations.

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Acoustic curtains

Our high-quality acoustic curtains are the perfect solution for controlling unwanted noise. Designed with specialized materials, they offer a quiet and comfortable environment, ideal for spaces where acoustics are essential.

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Flame retardant fabrics

Our flame retardant fabrics combine style and safety. Designed with high quality materials, they offer reliable fire protection without compromising aesthetics. A smart choice for safe and elegant spaces.

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Decoration fabrics

Our decoration fabrics transform spaces into style canvases. With a wide range of textures and colors, they bring your creative vision to life. Elegance and versatility come together in every detail.

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Flame retardant curtains

Our flame retardant curtains unite safety and design. Superior quality fabrics combined with fire resistance features ensure a safe and sophisticated environment. Tranquility and style merge.

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