In shops or businesses where it is not feasible to maintain a clearance, separator screens are a perfect option to maintain minimal security and thus minimize risk, both for the workers of the shops and for their own customers. In addition, the screens are self-supporting and lightweight, therefore very easy to move, ideal for the times when you need to readjust the place where they will be placed.

The way we buy, move, even the way we socialize, is changing because of the current situation. From Saez Decom we want to contribute our sand granite on prevention issues. All our solutions are effective, functional and at the same time decorative protective elements. We are specialists in ephemeral constructions. We design and manufacture all our products, including separator screens, i.e. guaranteed quality seal.

What is Saez Decom’s proposal for Separator Screens?


At Saez Decom, we understand the importance of creating safe and comfortable spaces for your customers and employees. We are excited to present to you our proposal of installation of separator screens, a modern and effective solution to maintain the social distance in your establishments.

Our separator screens are designed to provide protection without sacrificing aesthetics and interaction. Our team will work in collaboration with you to develop a customized solution that suits your needs and the design of your spaces.

How can you place it?

The installation is really easy, the separating screens are self-supporting, that is to say it is kept standing thanks to its base made with folding cardboard supports that support the entire structure.

building material

PETG: Highly transparent non-porous polymeric material.

Double layer cardboard: Low environmental impact and cost. We can print it in color or black, plus it can be customized with your company’s corporate colors and logo.

  • They very economical
  • They are  ecological
  • They are easy and quick to install
  • We can use the design you like with the logo of your company.