POS exhibitors, or place-of-sale advertising, are a normally eye-catching, fun and original type of furniture that serves to stand out from large rows of product.

One of its advantages is that, with a certain creativity and grace, you can generate very effective solutions at low cost, using simple materials and geometries that allow you to highlight the product for yourself.

What will the POS Exhibitors design process look like?

Sales Strategy

At Saez Decom we know that the basis of an effective POS exhibitor begins with a solid strategy. At this stage, we invite you to share your sales goals and goals with us.

Understanding your target market and marketing goals is critical to creating an exhibitor that attracts your potential customers. Our team will analyze your strategy and advise you on how to design an exhibitor that highlights and makes a positive impact on your sales.

POS exhibitors are part of a wake-up call strategy, provoking the so-called “impulse buying“, being a very common resource in large shopping centers, supermarkets and all kinds of large-scale establishments.

Design and Development

We transform your objectives into a concrete and eye-catching POS exhibitor. Our experienced designers use their creativity and expertise to create a visually appealing design that aligns with your sales goals.

Through advanced design tools, we develop a concept that highlights your products or services effectively, optimizing space and visibility.

We work together to find the solution that best suits the space, target audience, product to sell, concept…


The presentation factor is key to attracting attention. At this stage, we prepare the visual presentation of your POS exhibitor.

We select colors, images and graphics that highlight your products and key messages. Each choice is based on creating a visual impact that attracts viewers and invites them to learn more. The result is an attractive and consistent presentation that reinforces your brand identity.

All our projects are presented with different types of associated graphic material to facilitate the understanding and preview of the final finish of the POS exhibitor before installation.


With the design defined, we move on to the construction phase. Our trained team works to bring your POS exhibitor to life according to the approved design.

We select quality materials and use precise construction techniques to ensure that each element is durable and functional. The construction is done with attention to detail so that the exhibitor meets your expectations and needs.

Our experience in design constructions of commercial spaces allows us to be very aware of all the details to be taken into account to offer a clean and professional installation to ensure an impeccable finish.