The new table separators of Saez Decom present an opportunity to increase safety and hygiene in all kinds of shops, offices and companies in general. It is necessary to maximize precautions within the possibilities of each company, since each case is different.

These panels are perfect as they are really economical and any business or trade can afford it. The guarantee presented as a safety measure is greatly offset by the price and quality of manufacture of this product.

At Saez Decom we are mainly dedicated to looking for solutions that are feasible and that everyone can afford, without losing the high quality standard that characterizes us. We design and manufacture effective, functional and decorative protective elements ourselves.

What is Saez Ofcom’s proposal for Table Separators?


At Saez Decom, we understand the importance of maintaining safety and comfort in your spaces. We are happy to present you our proposal of installation of table separators, an effective and elegant solution to guarantee the social distance in your company.

Our table separators are designed to provide protection without compromising the aesthetics and functionality of your business. We work together with you to create a customized solution that fits perfectly with your tables and the interior design of your establishment.

How can you place it?

The installation is very easy, the table separators are self-supporting, this means that it is kept standing thanks to its base made with folding cardboard supports that support the light weight of the structure.

building material

PETG: Highly transparent non-porous polymeric material.

Double layer cardboard: Low environmental impact and cost. We can print it in color or black.

  • Economical, ideal for any company.
  • Environmentally friendly, they are made of sustainable materials.
  • Quick and easy to install, and not weighing practically , easy to move.
  • Very customizable, we have different designs but we can adapt and also place the logo of your company.