The Blackbody is an instrument that provides a constant temperature reference that the camera uses to self-calibrate and increase measurement accuracy. Therefore, in all places where thermal cameras are installed, it is advisable to place it near the cameras in order to calibrate them.

The importance of installing a thermal camera with blackbody

The situation in the world of events is complicated, it is very necessary for our sector to adapt in the best possible way, with new formats and proposals to make our industry work normally.

Problems with manual measurement

The thermometer and the infrared detection gun have a low accuracy
It entails a normal workload for the personnel performing the measurements
It is inefficient in spaces with agglomerations of people
It is difficult to collect staff information

What is Saez Ofcom’s proposal for Blackbody?


Our proposal is to install thermal cameras with blackbody in the entrances of all events.

This system automatically detects body temperature, making it possible to cover wider areas and completely avoiding contact between event workers and attendees.

How does it work?

It is a hybrid camera with temperature measurement that simultaneously provides a normal image and a thermal image of the scene taken.

An intelligence algorithm artificia recognizes the figuras and human faces and allows to measure the temperature of the face, excluding any other heat source that could constitute a false alarm, quite at a 3 meters distance and with absolute safety.

How and where do we see the measurement?

The measurement made by the thermal camera can be observed in any device, where it is possible to see the temperature detected in real time and act accordingly.

Advantages in indoor events
  • He has excellent aprecision. Thanks to the use of blackbody the measurement of body temperature has a slight margin of error, 0.3 degrees.
  • Higher efficiency than other systems. The camera detects the temperature very quickly, at a good distance and thanks to its wide coverage allows the measurement of several individuals at the same time.
  • Social distancing implemented. The contact of the event staff with the attendees is minimal, therefore we reduce as much as possible the risk of contagion, providing additional security within the venue where the event takes place.
  • Collection of important data. All data generated from measurements can be stored. These data are gold for subsequent studies of trends and relative statistics.