Saez Decom separator panels are one of the most practical and creative solutions for separating or differentiating different environments in the same space.

In addition, due to the new regulations established by the government that severely affect the world of events and shops in general the separating panels are going to become a mandatory element in most events, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, etc.

If you don’t know which option best suits your event, you just have to contact us and our designers will get to work to offer you the best possible solution.


Discover our automatic thermal camera blackbody. Perfect for spaces with agglomeration of personsand much more effective than manual measurement.

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Separators for restaurants

The new restaurant separators provide the opportunity to make better use of the space, and provide extra protection for customers and workers.

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Table separators

The new table separators are perfect for all types of businesses that need to optimize their space and have an extra protection with these separators.

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Interior separators

With interior separators you can make better use of your business space or change distribution to ensure the safety of customers and workers alike.

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Separator screens

With our new separator screens you can ensure safety and minimize the risk of contagion to your workers and customers in your business.

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Office Separator Panels

Office separator panels are ideal for offices that cannot adequately meet social distancing, any additional protective measures added.

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Separation bulkheads

Separation screens provide an extra point of safety and protection for all types of workers and customers in shops, restaurants, offices, etc.

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Protective breast

Check our new designs and models of protective screens, perfect for the safety and protection of all kinds of shops, restaurants, offices, etc.

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Pipe and Drape

Versatile, modular and fast system that allows you to create backdrops or stage backgrounds and separators. It is compact, lightweight, durable and reusable in quality.

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