On a stage, of course, sound quality is fundamental. The audience is there for the pleasure of hearing an excellent sound and the artists do not want to be distracted by the echo of the sound. That is why we take letters on the subject and offer a wide range of acoustic curtains designed for all kinds of events, but especially for events with stage and musical performance, theatrical or cinephile.


Features of our acoustic curtains

Materials and finishes

At Saez Decom we have acoustic curtains of all colors and sizes, adaptable to any space you can imagine.


All our acoustic curtains are designed and manufactured with special technology with incredible sound absorption power. They are perfectly adapted to any Pipe and Drape or rail for curtains. They comply with current regulations for scenic spaces and are manufactured flame retardant.


If you want more information about this, please contact us and we will try to resolve any questions you may have in the shortest possible time.