The decorative uses of dividing screens are countless and they are known as functional pieces to separate or divide spaces. At Saez Decom we have taken this concept further, because we believe that it is not just enough to separate or divide spaces, but that it should positively affect the creative composition of the whole scene at your event. If we design and place the dividing screens correctly, they can make a great aesthetic and functional difference in the desired space.

You can choose from a range of different designs of screen dividers, or combine them together to create unique compositions, separating different rooms with grace, style and creativity. We currently have new models available: Geometry, Barcelona, Spider, Nature, Maze and Bits.



What are our Partition Screens like?


If you are not sure which design to use, you can always contact our team of designers and we will do everything in our power to find the best possible combination that suits the overall style of your event.

We take care of everything, we transport the material to the right place, we assemble it quickly thanks to the simplicity of the partition system and the professionalism of our team of fitters.