In cases where it is difficult to maintain a certain distance between customers, our protective screen is designed as a perfect solution, since it is light, economical and sustainable. It is also self-supporting, using folding cardboard supports that support the structure.

At Saez Ofcom we work to offer you practical and creative solutions to comply with the new regulations.

Our goal is very clear, we want to put at your disposal solutions that are quick to build, easy to assemble and effective for those shops that open the doors to the public again.

At Saez Decom we specialize in ephemeral constructions, we can design and implement different functional and decorative elements such as, for example, our new model of protective screen, perfect to protect customers and workers.

What is Saez Decom’s proposal for protective bulkheads?


At Saez Decom, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for both your customers and your employees.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our proposal to install protective bulkheads designed specifically for shops and businesses.

How can you place it?

We can install the screen in two ways:

  • Suspended in the air by wires attached to the ceiling
  • Reposada, with bases that support it on the counter
building material

PETG: High transparency non-porous polymeric material

Double layer cardboard: Low environmental impact and cost. We can print it in color or black

  • Extra Security
  • Economic
  • Ecological
  • Rapid
  • Customizable