We understand the concept of Visual Merchandising as the set of disciplines that allow us to create a space in which the customer can access the product with ease, comfort and freedom. The product must be presented in order for the customer to perceive all information clearly and concisely, saving time and effort.

All the factors that make up the Visual Merchandising will build a complete and unique experience for the user, which will allow or not its loyalty. This experience, as planned, will result in the following points: Longer stay in the commercial space, higher conversion rate (customers entering and buying), perpetuation of the brand in memory, creation of long-term relationships with the customer, comfortable and fluid buying process.

As experts in design and communication, we believe it is of vital importance to have an absolute knowledge of the product before conceptualizing that element, furniture, decoration or other that collects it and presents it in the same space. We carry out a prior analysis of both the product itself and the brand values, from the specifications of the materials that compose it, the order of exposure, ergonomics and any physical or communicative details that influence the final design and construction.

In our workshop we have made all kinds of furniture and commercial equipment for shops, Pop-ups, Show rooms, stands, product presentations, and much more!

Each project is unique, and at Saez Decom we enjoy preparing new ideas and solutions for each occasion

What will the Visual Merchandising design process look like?

Tell us your idea

At Saez Decom, we want you to share your concepts and goals for your Visual Merchandising strategy with us. Your vision is essential to create a design that reflects your brand identity and optimizes the customer experience.

Our team will listen carefully to your ideas, needs and any inspiration. Every detail you share will be critical to understanding your desires and needs, allowing us to create a personalized strategy that effectively communicates your message.

Tell us about your goals and we will work to find the solutions that best suit your business or brand.

Design and Development

We transform your ideas into a concrete and effective “Visual Merchandising” strategy. Our expert designers use their creativity and expertise to turn your concepts into a visually impactful project.

Through advanced design tools, we develop a plan that optimizes space and maximizes visual impact. We present proposals that highlight the personality of your brand and align with your business objectives.

We keep communication open with our customers, working online with them to move forward together.


With the design defined, we move on to the construction stage. Our team, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, works to give life to your “Visual Merchandising” strategy according to the approved design.

We select quality materials and use precise construction techniques to ensure that each element is durable and functional. The construction is done with attention to detail so that the final result meets your expectations.

Installation and assembly

The exciting time comes to implement your Visual Merchandising strategy. Our team is responsible for the installation and assembly in a professional and accurate manner.

Each element, from displays to visual elements, is carefully positioned according to the approved design. We make sure that every detail is in place and that the general arrangement creates a visually attractive and consistent environment for your customers.