The “Shop in Shop,” understood as independent sales spaces within another larger commercial area, they are an excellent way to take advantage of the flow of people that circulate through the largest store and draw attention to all the users who enter this, even with the aim of buying another product.

This situation is very common in large shopping centers, where customers, taking advantage of the wide range of products within the same enclosure, are more predisposed to be attracted by other Shops in Shops. De This will depend to a great extent on the design of these, from the graphic communication to the distribution of the elements, taking into account the visuals from all points of the space.

At Saez Decomdesign we design and build any Shop in Shop based on your objectives and the formal aspects of the brand, based on a solid conceptual basis on which we will fix together the concept, atmosphere, type textures and style among others.

What will the Shop in Shop design process look like?

Tell us your idea

Share your concepts and objectives for your Shop in Shop with us. Your vision is essential to create a design that reflects your brand identity and maximizes the customer experience.

Our team will listen carefully to your ideas, needs and any inspiration. Every detail you share will be crucial to understanding your desires and needs, allowing us to create a personalized concept that effectively communicates your message.

We work together with our client to know their needs and be able to offer the solution that best suits them. Explain what your Shop in Shop should convey and we will work to represent it in design in the most creative way possible.

Design and Development

We transform your ideas into a concrete and effective design. Our expert designers, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, use their creativity and expertise to turn your concepts into a visually impactful project.

Once the concept and objectives have been clarified, we will begin the process of designing and developing the Shop in Shop, always keeping open communication with our customers and real-time updates of the work done when necessary.

Through advanced design tools, we develop a plan that optimizes space and maximizes the functionality of your “Shop in Shop.” We present proposals that highlight the personality of your brand and align with your business objectives.

We present our design projects with all kinds of graphic material attached to facilitate the understanding and preview of the final finish of the Shop in shop before building it.


With the design defined, we move on to the construction stage. Our trained team, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, works to give life to your “Shop in Shop” according to the approved design.

We select quality materials and use precise construction techniques to ensure that each element is durable and functional. The construction is done with attention to detail so that the final result meets your expectations.

We manufacture all the pieces of the Shop in shop in our extensive carpentry workshop, where we have our high quality suppliers in large format prints, LED control technology, backlit bodies etc. to build any element or space you need.

All the wood we use in our constructions comes from sustainable forests with FSC certification, making sure that each production follows ecological standards that are not harmful to the environment.

Installation and assembly

The exciting time comes to see your “Shop in Shop” come to life. Our team is responsible for the installation and assembly in a professional and accurate manner. Each piece, from structures to visual elements, is carefully positioned according to the approved design. We make sure that every detail is in place and that the general arrangement creates an attractive and welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

As experts in event assemblies and design constructions of commercial spaces, we have a technical team with a long journey in the sector that will take care of all the details to offer a clean, effective installation and taking care of all the details to ensure an impeccable finish.