Decoration fabrics are among the indispensable elements in product promotions, presentations, and events of all kinds. For this reason we offer you a lot of ideas to decorate your event in the most suitable way with our decoration fabrics.n.

If you need to organize a company dinner, a product presentation, your wedding, a bar mitzvah or any activity or service that requires decoration fabrics, check out our extensive catalog. We have treviras, lycras, velvets, molton and a long etcetera. We will help you find the perfect fabric to make your event a success and your guests are amazed.


Characteristics of our decoration fabrics

Materials and finishes

Our decoration fabrics are available in a wide variety of carefully selected materials and finishes to meet your stylistic and functional needs. From the rich and natural textures of cotton and linen to the luxurious options of velvet and silk, each material brings its own personality and unique characteristics to your spaces.

The finishes range from soft and matte to bright and satin, allowing you to play with the light and tactile feel in your environments. We also offer options with anti-stain, flame retardant and light blocking technology, providing practical solutions without sacrificing design.

Each material and finish is precisely chosen for quality, durability and exceptional aesthetics, allowing you to create interiors that reflect your style and stand the test of time.


At Saez Decom we are always updated and to the last since we want to offer you the best possible service, our fabrics evolve at the same time as technology and this allows us an increasingly personalized and unique service, with many options and a variety in decoration fabrics so far only seen in dreams.

For more information contact us and we will kindly assist you.