The design and assembly of Pop-up Stores is a resource increasingly used by large brands to offer a different shopping experience to the customer. One of its main objectives is to create a surprise effect with a unique and eye-catching design that clearly represents the brand’s values.

At Saez Decom we design, produce and assemble Pop-up Stores with different styles and finishes. We work from strong communicative strategies, being experts in transmitting concepts through our designs and visual sets.

How will the Pop Up Store design and assembly process be?

Tell us your idea

At Saez Decom we invite you to share your ideas and concepts for your Pop Up Store. Understanding your vision is crucial to creating a design that captures the essence of your brand and the message you want to convey.

Our team of experts will listen carefully to your ideas, needs and any inspiration you have in mind. Every detail you share will be the basis for building a customized concept that reflects your objectives.

Tell us what is the story your Pop-up store should tell and we will get to work to offer you the options that best meet your objectives.

Design and development

Once we are clear about the initial idea, we will start the design and development process of the Pop-up Store together, keeping open communication with our clients and offering updates on the work whenever necessary.

We deliver our design projects with all kinds of associated graphic material to facilitate the understanding and preview of the final finish of the Pop-up Store before building it; Detailed presentation in pdf, explanatory diagrams, 3D infographics, construction details, audiovisual content…


With the design in place, we moved on to the construction stage. Our highly trained team, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, works to bring your pop-up store to life according to the approved design.

We carefully select quality materials and use precise construction techniques to ensure that each element is durable and functional. Construction is carried out with attention to detail to ensure that the end result meets your expectations.

All the wood we use comes from sustainable forests with FSC forest certification, ensuring that our productions follow ecological standards that do not harm the environment.

Installation and assembly

It’s time to see your pop-up store come to life. As experts in event set-ups and commercial space design constructions, we have a technical team that will take care of the installation and assembly in a professional and precise manner.

Every piece, from furniture to decorations, is carefully placed according to the approved design. We make sure that every element is in place and that the overall layout creates an engaging and cohesive experience for your visitors.