In all restaurants and hospitality businesses in Spain, safety standards have been implemented in accordance with the safety, hygiene and prevention of infections of customers and workers. These standards of safety, hygiene and social distancing are good, but if it is in our power to increase protections and reduce the risk of contagion why not do so?

What is Saez Decom’s proposal for restaurant separators?


From Saez Decom we want to help keep restaurants open, their work is essential for the country’s economy and to keep our stomachs full.

For this reason we have created the restaurant separators, these provide that extra security point necessary to properly perform the hotel business.

How can they be placed?

The installation is extremely easy, the restaurant separators are self-supporting, this means that they are kept standing thanks to their base made with folding cardboard supports that support the weight of the structure.

Construction materials?

PETG: Highly transparent non-porous polymeric material.

Double layer cardboard: Low environmental impact and cost. We can print it in color or black, plus it can be customized with your company’s corporate colors and logo.

  • They’re not a big expense for the restaurant, they’re cheap.
  • They are made of sustainable materials.
  • They are easy and quick to transport and install.
  • We can use the design you like, along with the logo of your restaurant.