There are many kinds of events, big or small, festive or corporate, public or private… All of them will need a number of elements to build a complete experience. Therefore, at Saez Decom we have a wide range of rental products for events adapted to the requirements of each specific case.

We work with very wide customization margins, that is, we have products in stock to rent as they are, such as curtains, flooring, floors and so on, others in which we can partially customize, for example, adding graphics or additional parts, and finally our strong point, design tailored 100% to create unique memorable pieces such as photocalls, custom furniture, shocking backlit corporals and a long etcetera.

We don’t care if it is an event for 30 people or for 5,000; every occasion is unique and we take equal care of all the details and considerations of the whole.

In the following sections you can find out about the variety of event rental products available.


Photocall is a key part of an event. It is that special memory that symbolizes the whole experience lived. Enter and discover projects made for our customers.

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Renting scenarios

If you want to organize an event and you need a scenario that satisfies your demands, at Saez Decom we have a customized and personalized stage rental service.

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Light Boxes

The multifunctionality of the light boxes and their great visual impact from a simple backlit fabric system fits perfectly into all kinds of themes and budgets.

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Room Separators

The space separators create the false wall effect, differentiating the spaces with style and creativity, giving meaning and continuity to the overall composition of the whole scene.

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Floors for events

The choice of floor for each event must be supported by experts. In this section we will tell you all about finishes, durability and installation of these.

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Corpóreos are the main call of attention of the brand to its customers. The more innovative and expressive they are, the greater impact and memory they will create on the public.

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Event Furniture

We have a team specialized in design and manufacture of furniture for events. Tell us what you are looking for and we will work to offer you the option that best suits your needs.

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Signaling, being a basic element in events of a certain magnitude, must be well thought out to indicate all directions and points of interest in a clear, simple and aesthetic way.

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4to8 – Event Decoration

Saez Decom presents the decorative element and separator 4to8. Their die-cut shapes combine to create different patterns and geometries, multiplying their possibilities in all kinds of spaces.

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