Renting scenarios

At the end of January we were able to design and set up the space for the event of the important French multinational Lyreco. The work was carried out efficiently and accurately, without any mishaps and the client was completely satisfied with our work.

We used several of the elements available in our catalog to decorate the space in record time, although the star of the show was the stage.


Commission: Lyreco

March 08, 2017

We recommend the stage rental service for events

If you have little time to organize and set up an event and need a fast and efficient service, look no further, our event stage rental service is the best possible solution. We use our entire arsenal of decorative elements to configure the best possible setting for your event. Although it is a rental scenario, it does not mean that it cannot be customized. In fact, at this Lyreco event you can see the use of 3 types of stage backgrounds combined to create a unique stage. The possibilities are abundant, you just have to trust our designers.

For this fantastic event we have had the opportunity to set up:

  • Our versatile system 4To8, 18 pieces of the Matrix model and 78 of the Maze model, joining pieces included.
  • System Pipe and Drape for fastening the 4To8 system
  • 12 meters of Pipe and Drape with white fireproof curtain
  • 7.68 meters of Pipe and Drape with black fireproof curtain
  • 20 linear meters of Pipe and Drape, with a 5-meter-high white fireproof curtain.

We were in charge of the design, transportation, assembly and disassembly of all the aforementioned elements.




Model MAZE

For more information about our stage rental service for events, do not hesitate to contact with our offices and we will be happy to assist you.


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