Assembly of Events

We present to you our great project from the beginning of the year, for the German vehicle brand BMW.


Commission: Esferic de Barcelona

Evento: Dealer of the year award

Barcelona, SPAIN
February 08, 2017

The first part of the project took place at the spectacular W hotel in Barcelona, for this second part it could not be less and the BMW “Dealer of the year award” event took place at the incredible Esferic restaurant in Barcelona, on January 21 of 2017. Certainly the place where the restaurant is located, its unique architecture and our work decorating and preparing the space gave an excellent result, and the attendees were amazed.

Setting up events in Barcelona for BMW at the spectacular Esferic in Barcelona

Outside the restaurant we have set up:

  • 3 decorative arches of different sizes, made of wood and small LED boxes on one side, finished with metallic paint and perspex, RGB LEDs and DMX control included.
  • 20 x 1 meter blue carpet
  • Circular central stage 4 meters in diameter at 45 cm high, with a step to access from anywhere at 22.50 cm high, painted in white.
  • 10 cm high skirt, made of wood, with a curved shape, covered with white fabric, support included.
  • 3 boxes to hide the sides and back of the LED panels, made of wood and covered with black fabric. 2 sides of 60 x 300 cm and rear of 250 x 300 cm.
  • 3 supports for LED screens measuring 2.50 x 0.40 meters and 0.50 cm deep, covered with black fabric and black painted wooden skirt.
  • Mask for control table measuring 6 x 1 meter at 1.20 meters high, made of wood and covered with black fabric.
  • Carpet shaped like a half circle, 5 meters in diameter.
  • 6 linear meters of Pipe and Drape system with 3 meter high black curtain.

We have taken care of all the transportation, assembly and disassembly of all the material mentioned above.

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