What is a photocall?

Let’s start by answering the question what is a photocall. We can define photocall as a thematic decorative element designed and built so that people invited to an event can take photos with other attendees and create memories of said event. This is our definition of photocall as a company dedicated to the design, construction and assembly of events. There is another definition of photocall but in our case the one that interests us is mainly the one mentioned above.

1. Why is it important to have a photocall at corporate events?

It is extremely important to have a photocall available for those attending your event. It is surely the first thing that guests will see when they arrive at the place where you organize the event, since they are usually located near the entrance, this is usually the first decorative element that everyone will come into contact with, and it will be the first impression they will have about your event.

Another compelling reason is that you allow all guests to create memories about your brand or products and later these photographs can be shared on social networks, thus expanding your visibility at no later cost.

2. What is the best way to design the most suitable photocall?

Knowing what a photocall is and why we should opt for having one at our event, the next question is: what type of design is suitable for your photocall? This depends on what type of event you are promoting, what your corporate colors are, the type of product or service advertised at your event. It’s preferable to avoid large logos in the photocall and always maintain consistency with the rest of the event. Also be as creative as possible, this increases the chances that all attendees will want to take photographs to share on social networks, the more original you are, the more you will be on everyone’s lips.

A fun and original way to attract audiences to the photocall effectively is to include accessories that people can use when taking the photo, preferably always themed and that maintain the theme of the photocall itself. After all, we all like to laugh from time to time, and even more so at a promotional event with an open bar! :D
As we have said before, it all depends on the type of event, accessories are not always a good idea, for example in a corporate event with managers focused on doing business, they may not be the best idea.

3. Hire your own photographer

This point seems obvious but it doesn’t hurt to remember it. For any company that holds events regularly to promote its products and services, it is essential to have a list of photographers who can be trusted. Nowadays anyone can take a pretty decent photo with their smartphone, but it can’t compare to the quality that a professional photographer with good equipment can offer you. A good idea is to set up a “table” where people can request their photos either printed or sent via email. The easier you make it for people to create memories at your event, the easier it will be for them to share on social media. In addition, the baby boom generation, generation

If the date of your event is approaching and you want to use a photocall but you are still not sure what the design should be, contact our offices and we will help you in every way possible, after all we are dedicated to this! Our designers have many years of experience and many events behind them. We also have a workshop equipped with the latest technology and led by a master carpenter. With all this, we are able to design and manufacture photocalls for all types of events you can imagine, from birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, product presentations, conventions, fairs, corporate events, etc.

We hope we have answered the question what is a photocall and that our tips will help you design the best photocalls for your events. You can also learn more about our services on our photocall page.