Why do you need to install a thermal camera for events and interiors?

The events sector in Spain is going through a very difficult time. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity that the sector adapts to this unusual situation with new formats and proposals that allow our industry to function again with a certain normality.

In China, one of the measures they applied to manage spaces with large crowds was manual temperature measurement. But this technique has proven inefficient for several reasons.

Problems of manual measurement

    • The thermometer and infrared detection gun have low accuracy.
    • It represents an enormous workload for the personnel carrying out the measurements.
    • It is inefficient in spaces with crowds of people
    • It is difficult to collect personnel information

Saez Decom’s proposal

At Saez Decom we propose the installation of a thermal camera for events, it is an automatic body temperature detection system using infrared cameras at the entrances of possible places where events such as fairs, concerts, conferences, etc. will be held. This system is much safer than manual measurement, we can ensure that all event participants enter free of Covid-19 symptoms, guaranteeing a safe environment so that events can be carried out with a lower risk of contagion.

How does the thermal camera work?

It is a hybrid camera with temperature measurement that simultaneously provides a normal image and a thermal image of the taken scene. An artificial intelligence algorithm recognizes human figures and allows the temperature of the face to be measured, excluding any other heat source that could constitute a false alarm, all at a distance of 3 meters.

What is blackbody and how is it used?

El Blackbody es un instrumento que proporciona una referencia de temperatura constante que la cámara utiliza para auto calibrarse y aumentar la precisión de la medición.

Advantages of the thermal camera for events and interiors

– It has excellent precision. Thanks to the use of the blackbody, the measurement of body temperature has a minimum margin of error of 0.3 degrees.
– Greater efficiency than other systems. The camera detects the temperature very quickly, at a good distance and thanks to its wide coverage allows the measurement of several individuals at the same time.
– Social distancing implemented. The contact of the event staff with the attendees is minimal, therefore we reduce as much as possible the risk of contagion, providing additional security within the venue where the event takes place.
– Collection of important data. All data generated from measurements can be stored. These data are gold for subsequent studies of trends and statistics related to COVID-19.

Reinventing events

In a situation of constant change, spaces must adapt to the new needs and conditions we face. From a design point of view, it is necessary to generate new configurations of spaces that allow us to carry out certain activities in a safe and humane environment, offering a point of sophistication and professionalism to those areas such as health controls at accesses.