The stage is one of the main pieces in any type of event. At Saez Decom we know the importance of finding the perfect setting for your event. The same type of stage is not always required, for this reason we put at your disposal the most complete service of stages for events in Barcelona.

Several factors must always be taken into account when designing and manufacturing the most suitable setting for your event. Mainly the available budget, fortunately we have a wide variety of types of scenarios that allow us to adapt to all your needs.

You also have to take into consideration many more details, for example what type of event you want to organize, a stage for an elegant awards ceremony after a dinner is not designed in the same way as a stage for a presentation of a modern product or service of a technology company. Our designers always take these types of variables into account to design all types of projects.

We believe that in our stage design and manufacturing service for events in Barcelona it is always necessary to start from one or more key concepts for the design, manufacture and assembly of a stage. As soon as the concept is clear, and how to apply it, we must expand that concept as much as possible within limits to reach the people attending the event and transmit either our ideas, our products, or simply our brand.

In this presentation of the new novel by Ildefonso Falcones, all the decorative elements of the setting were carefully chosen to visually relate it directly to his novel. Very suitable furniture was also placed on the stage, and several copies of his books were placed to complete the theme.

Choosing the location where the event is held is also key to the success of your project. It must be as well communicated as possible to facilitate the arrival of your attendees and must offer the best possible features, such as access to Wi-Fi, since everyone will be able to upload photos or publications of your event instantly, and this will help you. can help by giving visibility and notoriety to your event.

But it is not advisable to think only about issues such as capacity, availability and services that the place where you intend to hold the event can offer you. As far as possible, it is always interesting that it has some type of link and that it transmits the values of your brand, company, product or service.

If you are already clear that you are going to organize an event but you don’t know how to proceed, you can count on our help, for some reason we have been involved in this for more than 30 years. We only have the best professionals in the sector, from the team of designers, through our manufacturing staff in our modern workshop and ending with our assemblers. Our work is our passion, which is why we only design and manufacture spectacular settings, with quality materials, and most importantly, with a lot of care and love.

If you have any questions about our stage design and manufacturing service for events in Barcelona, contact our offices and we will be happy to assist you.