We have just entered the month of October, and in Barcelona this means high season for events of all kinds, in fact, a few days ago the second edition of Barcelona Games World, one of the most important video game fairs in Spain, was held. which, this year has received more than 135,000 visitors. Our city is at the top of the list of cities that organize events of all kinds, both national and international. For this reason, at Saez Decom we want to strengthen our stage rental service more than ever this year, in order to be able to attend to the greatest possible number of projects and contribute our grain of sand to the entire scene of events, fairs and conferences in Barcelona.

To make possible greater attention to the new Barcelona panorama, our company continues to grow at a stable rate, our workshop continues to be updated regularly to be able to cope with the large workload with the best tools. Our staff has also grown in 2017, to be able to offer you optimal care.

Quality stage rental service

We have one of the best stage rental services in the entire city. We have been innovating for more than 30 years not only at a technological level, but also in design, you just have to go through our portfolio to see some of our work and verify these words.

To make all this possible, it is necessary to invest in people, constantly train our staff in new technologies and techniques to adapt to new times and always hire the best. Thanks to this we are able to offer you the most suitable designs for your events, our office works at full speed to make this possible.

Our process for the design and manufacture of scenarios

Our stage rental service is perfect if you are thinking of organizing an event, or participating in a fair or conference. Whether you want to surprise those attending your event, or you want to differentiate yourself as much as possible from your competition at fairs and conferences, we recommend that you meet with our team of designers and our master carpenter so that together we can study what your best options are and thus build the perfect scenario for you and your company. The technical visit is essential so that we can absorb all the necessary information and get an idea of what your needs and objectives are. It is also essential to do a detailed study of your competition to be able to make a totally different, innovative design that leaves you with open mouth to both attendees and your competitors.

With the stage design already finished and approved, we will put our workshop at full speed to build the stage with the best materials. It is very important that during this process communication is maintained between the client, the designers and our workshop, so that at the end of the manufacturing process, everything is perfect.

We also have many predefined designs for our stage rental service, these are also perfect for all types of events, all our designs are modern and are updated to always be in line with what is currently in use. We also include everything within this service. We take care of the transportation from our warehouse to the place where the event takes place, we set it up with all the professionalism and punctuality that characterizes us and we also dismantle it on the agreed date.

Types of stages to rent

There are many types of scenarios for all types of events, below we are going to show you the most popular ones so that you can get a general idea of what we can offer.

  • Circular stages: ideal for conferences and rallies, all attendees have a perfect view of the stage since the action takes place in the center. By having 360 visibility of the surroundings, the speaker can address all attendees.
  • Modular stages: their versatility makes them ideal for many types of events since they are made up of several pieces. These scenarios are adaptable to all situations and places.
  • Stages with ramp: perfect for the presentation of vehicles or heavy machinery, the ramp facilitates their access to the stage.
  • Backlit stages: they are a very good option if you are organizing an event at night and want to surprise all attendees with combinations of lights and colors. Highly customizable with all kinds of designs and patterns for the stage background.
  • Rotating stages: like ramp stages, these stages are very suitable for vehicle presentations since they are very spectacular. Although their use only for vehicles is not reduced at all, we believe that they are a good option for these.
  • Flamenco tablao and dance: we use a special platform suitable for dance use and we place special structures with acoustic materials so that the performances are perfect.

These are just some examples of the types of stages we have, if you want more information about other types of stages available in our stage rental service, we recommend that you contact our offices and we will be happy to assist you. You can also arrange a visit and if necessary we will travel to get to know each other better. To see examples of our work, you can visit our portfolio.