In this section, we will talk about the importance of room dividers for events, as well as some of the options available to us and what their advantages are.

In the world of events, the ability to adapt and convert spaces is basic, since we will not always have at our disposal an actual event room, adapted and equipped with everything we need. The reality is that many events take place in bars, hotels, museums, shops, cultural spaces, etc. In short, many events are held in spaces that need that ephemeral transformation that disguises their regular use into a unique, different and memorable experience.

Added to all this is the very complicated current situation for the sector, in which we must adapt to a new panorama, at least for a while. Smaller formats, better adapted spaces, reduced budgets… It is time to work with room divider options for simple, adaptable and low-cost events.

At this point, room separation systems come into play, such as our Pipe&Drape, the new 4to8 system, or our eye-catching light walls. These types of products have the advantage of being extremely multifunctional. As they are elements designed by and for the event industry, they are capable of meeting many of the clients’ usual needs, while simplifying logistical aspects for management prior to the celebration date.


When we do not have indefinite resources to create an experience, it is crucial to optimize and make the most of those that we do have. These 3 products that we show you have the capacity to become space dividers, stage backgrounds, under screens, delimiters, signage elements… Not only do they fulfill their function, but they are designed to be transformed into attractive visual proposals from, for example, simple games of light.

Logistics efficiency

As experts in design and decoration for events, we often find ourselves with requests for very beautiful elements, but that end up being too heavy, impossible to modular (whole pieces), complex to assemble… All of these factors become a disproportionate increase in the cost of the design item as a consequence of the need to have more assembly personnel, more production time, higher volume transportation… greater difficulty for less result.

The possibility of working with neutral elements on which we can print, illuminate or personalize in different ways drastically reduces expenses and management complications to provide ideal solutions for each occasion.

In each of the following sections, you will be able to see examples and design possibilities of these interesting modular systems for events. You can also browse their respective catalogs for more detailed information.