In this post we want to share with you the importance of including rapid PCR tests for events. The massive use of these tests could save part of the events sector.

The world of events and shows is suffering one of the biggest crises in history due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The authorities require measures that are difficult to assume at large events, our clients are afraid of possible infections from their clients and workers at the same events or meetings. This leads us to a complicated situation that worsens with each passing day, leading to the closure of companies and the loss of many jobs.

Certifying the safety of events in times of pandemic is not an easy task and hardly 100% effective. Safety distance, hand cleaning, delivery of masks, temperature taking, etc. It may not be enough in this time of insecurity for attendees. Our clients. They are not going to risk the health of their guests and we that of our workers.

It may be that the solution to this problem is close to us. The FDA (The American Food and Drug Administration Agency) approved for use rapid PCR tests that only take 10 minute  they can give us a reliable result. Nothing to do with the current ones that take 24 to 48 hours and can cost around €150 on average. The effectiveness of these new tests, according to the manufacturer and FDA, is a sensitivity of 97.1% (positive percentage agreement) and a specificity of 98.5% (negative percentage agreement) in the first 7 days of appearance of symptoms.

The application of these rapid PCR tests for events may be very close. In this way, always accompanied by current safety measures (distance, mask and hands), we will be able to offer greater peace of mind to those attending events and conferences. The use of rapid PCR tests for events is subject to protocols for taking them, set by the manufacturer: Safe collection points, must be carried out by health professionals (in this case assistants or occupational health specialists), waiting and quarantine areas in case the latter is needed. The same manufacturer accompanies the rapid PCR tests with a mobile application that could serve as a passport for entry to the event or the COVID pass of each autonomous community.

At Saez DeCom we want to help you in the implementation of these measures with our experience in separating and decorating ephemeral spaces. With our pipeanddrape system you can quickly separate spaces by zones, with independent boxes to carry out rapid PCR tests for events. Also, waiting rooms and quarantine if necessary. Assembly and disassembly of the pipeanddrape system is quick and economical.