Event management

At Saez Decom we are very proud to have participated in the comprehensive design for the 2021 Planet Awards with the help of Interprofit. The prize, awarded since 1952 by the Planeta publishing house for the best unpublished work in the Spanish language, is the literary prize with the largest financial award in the world. In this type of event it is essential to offer impeccable service and this year we gave it our all with the comprehensive design for this award. The design of scenery and scenic elements, as well as photocalls, signage and guest reception. The graphic image design part was also carried out by the Saez Decom designers.

Planet Awards

Commission: Interprofit

Year of creation: 1952

February 15, 2022

In addition to the comprehensive design for the awards, Saez DeCom has been in charge of a large part of the construction and assembly of the decorative elements.

Construction and assembly of 4 corporeal Photocalls, designed by Saez DeCom for the occasion. Made with a wooden frame upholstered with sublimated TextBlack fabric and printed pegasus, die-cut with interior LED. With this comprehensive design of the photocalls we managed to give depth to the staging and play with the new logo for the 70th anniversary of these well-known awards.

The construction and graphic design of the hospitality for guests and press, with frames in non-rectangular shapes, upholstered with high-quality sublimated printed fabrics. In this way we avoid reflections and uncomfortable lighting glare. In addition, we supply methacrylate protection screens and signage designed expressly for this event.

Our framewalls were also the protagonists of this prestigious contest. The comprehensive design for the Planet Awards allowed us to include standard elements with outstanding decorative value. Thus, in this way, we use this system to make counters and use them as sliding door-type stools with wheels for the main entrance of the oval room.




Projection screens

In the comprehensive design of the Planet Awards, the most striking and important part is the scenery where the awards are presented; media outlets from around the world broadcast and report on this event. For this challenge we built and designed the entire main set, which consisted of: 2 front projection screens of 12 and 8 meters long, made of a light frame and upholstered on both sides. 9 x 4 meter platform at 80 centimeters high and rigid skirts around the perimeter, two access stairs with designer railings. Different backs made with a wooden frame and upholstered with sublimated fabric, apart from the podiums and finishes of the multiple LED screens installed throughout the room.

All the sets for the pre- and post-conferences were built and designed by the Saez DeCom team.


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