We want to share with you this exclusive lectern for events. The Saez DeCom design team has developed a new lectern for events with the latest technology and exclusive design.

At Saez Decom we value the image of the elements we use to promote products and services. That is why we put at your disposal a wide range of lecterns for events from which you can make presentations, presentations, etc.

The new lectern for exclusive events from Saez DeCom is manufactured in our workshops in Barcelona and Madrid with the best materials and finishes. Made of wood and matte lacquered, our new lectern for events is designed down to the last detail for the comfort of speakers and technicians. In addition, the new design with modern but at the same time sober lines can fit into any type of event. With a customizable front we can add a cutting vinyl or a simple printed Forex or foam panel. Includes Sennheiser microphone support, special to absorb vibrations generated by impacts on the music stand. It is also compatible with microphones from other manufacturers.

RGB LED system

The RGB LED system, controllable via DMX, gives our lectern for events a technological and customizable touch at any time during the presentation, being able to regulate the intensity and color of the lectern remotely. The LED lighting system is divided into two 3-channel drivers, to independently modify the color of the apron and the front at any time.

This innovative lectern for events includes a courtesy light so that the speaker can turn on and regulate the reading lighting with a single click.


  • Made of matte white lacquered wood.
  • Sennheiser microphone base pre-installation compatible with other manufacturers.
  • Adjustable courtesy light for speaker with a single click.
  • RGB LED decoration on the front and independent base, controllable remotely via DMX or locally.
  • Customizable front with vinyl or printed foam.
  • Lower wiring entry and cable concealment.

If none of our lecterns suit your needs, you can always contact our design team and our master carpenters will create your own personalized one, exclusively prepared for your event and that will fit perfectly with your brand image.