Fireproof fabric acoustic curtains are the best option if you need sound absorption at events held in halls or very large spaces. These can be used in different contexts where they are really useful.

Among the most recommended applications we can find:

  1. As blackout curtains and reverberation control for theaters, cinemas and in general rooms with audiovisual reproductions
  2. To provide acoustic conditions that you can modify as you wish depending on the musical program, the number of attendees… Ideal for concert halls, nightclubs, music bars, recording rooms, music studios, etc.
  3. Very useful for attenuating the volume of conversations that attendees may generate, for example, at dinners held in large spaces with a large room and high ceilings.

The importance of thickness

Acoustic curtains must be made with a good thickness and must be highly porous, the thicker the absorption material, the more effective it will be against the longer wavelength of sound (lower frequency). To be very effective against bass frequencies, the curtain needs to be at least 2 to 4 millimeters thick.

The material, as we have mentioned before, must be very porous. This causes the curtain to act as a sound trap, capturing the energy and converting it into heat. Keep in mind that if you use non-porous vinyl, leather or fabric, they will reflect the sound energy and you will obtain an ineffective result. You must choose a suitable fabric for your event.

Pleating in acoustic curtains

If we want to improve the absorption performance at low and mid frequencies, the curtain should be pleated correctly. This causes the fabric to “roll” outwards and inwards. The pleating has to be correctly done, exposing the largest sound absorption surface, thus increasing the effective thickness and improving sound attenuation at low frequencies.

Recommended distance between the acoustic curtain and the wall

We must consider the distance if we want to take full advantage of the curtain’s effectiveness and absorb longer wavelengths (lower tones). The distance between curtain and wall should be between 15 and 30 cm.

We hope to have helped you with your questions about acoustic curtains made of fireproof fabric. In our store you can find this type of curtains, also available in 60 meter bales of unmade fabric. All our fabrics and acoustic curtains are made with the best materials, and all of them are certified as fire-retardant fabrics.

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