The Gran Recapte d’aliments de Catalunya is a campaign to collect basic foods for the people who need it most, organized and carried out simultaneously by the 4 Bancs dels aliments de Catalunya. In 2015, 4,642,000 kg were collected at more than 2,500 collection points and had the help of 25,000 volunteers. The goal for this year is to equal or exceed the figure obtained in 2015, that is why we need the help of everyone who can participate as volunteers and donors. The big food recapture will take place on November 25th and 26th, so you still have time.

On this occasion we have collaborated with our fireproof curtains in their advertising spot starring the Pop Magician.

Trevira CS fireproof curtains

It is proven that unsuitable textiles considerably help the spread of fire. For this reason we have the existence of national and international regulations that ensure good prevention and protection against unnecessary risks.

The Trevira CS fabric has passed all national and international tests and regulations for use in all types of events, conventions, theaters, cinemas, etc. The fibers and fabric are manufactured to be safe. This means that users can use our Trevira CS fabric curtains without any risk.

Our Trevira CS fabric is not only known for its safety in fire prevention but also for its quality in design and aesthetics. Straddling safety and quality, our curtains are a great choice for events of all kinds.
We recommend the use of our Pipe and drape system combined with these fireproof curtains to set up stage backdrops, space separations and many more uses.

If you still have any questions about Trevira CS fireproof curtains, you can contact us and we will kindly clarify your doubts.