What is a Photocall? At Saez Decom we have been decorating spaces for a long time. A Photocall is always necessary at each entrance to an event, which will help us attract, mark the entrance or immortalize the experience of our guests. There are many ways to build a Photocall, but there is always a common denominator that is fundamental, the corporate image, its design and the most appropriate construction for our event. In these last two, Saez Decom can help you make your Photocall and the decoration of your event a success.

We can find all types of photocalls for all types of celebrations such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, events, conferences, dinners, etc. The most common and economical are aluminum or wooden frames with large-format digital printing and lately posing with corporeal letters with and without light. Normally the digital prints have banners printed with the names of the sponsors, the most daring, beautiful corporate designs. At Saez Decom we offer this type of products giving them added value.

Another type of photocall where our guest can interact is the die-cut ones with a frame and prints, so that the guests stand behind and the photographer immortalizes the moment with our face and a different body. Here imagination and good finishes can give excellent and fun results.

By mixing concepts and imagination, we can make exclusive Photocalls. At Saez Decom we want to help you by designing and building the face of your event. You dare? Get in contact with us!.