At this point there are few people who have not yet taken (or are about to do so) a test for Covid. However, there are places and places. As experts in ephemeral constructions, we believe that it is necessary to offer a space that maintains a certain intimacy and comfort for both the testee and the healthcare personnel, so today we will talk to you about dividers for Covid tests.

1. Pipe&Drape System

One of the most common options as a separator for covid tests is our Pipe and Drape system. Its versatility, ease of assembly and low cost make it very attractive for clients who need a solution under these parameters. In the entry room dividers for events you can learn more about the advantages of this product.

2. Corporate dividers

Another type of dividers that we offer are corporate type. These can be implemented with prints on rigid panels or on stretched printed fabrics, where creativity is the only limit to capture and communicate a brand or idea. This option is necessary or even mandatory in certain areas, which is why we are provided with different alternatives in terms of materials, shapes and costs.

3. Custom Covid test dividers

Why not make original and creative Covid screening dividers?

Numerous psychological studies show that a pleasant space contributes to medical procedures being perceived as less hostile by those who receive them, and can even reduce much of the physical discomfort we feel when the test is performed. In the world of events this takes on a double meaning, since it is not only about creating a pleasant environment for attendees, but we will also try to offer added value to the complete event experience. On occasions where aesthetics and theme have a great weight within the whole, every detail counts, and that is why at Saez Decom we offer dividers for covid tests with unique and custom designs, which adapt to each aesthetic or logistical need.

If you need more information on this topic or a no-obligation quote, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.