Nowadays merchandising products constitute a very important part when organizing an event, whatever type it may be, which is why it is important to know which of them best suits your sector. Among the many promotional products that must be available at an event, we highlight below some of the most important and common ones for companies.

T-shirts for events

T-shirts are one of the most powerful marketing tools we have at our disposal. They function as authentic showcases and visualization platforms for our business, and we do not need to invest too much budget in them.

The t-shirts that are given or worn at events are nothing more than personalized advertising material to promote an event and your brand. The t-shirts that are given or worn at events are nothing more than personalized advertising material to promote an event and your brand.

The key to making your event t-shirts a success is to have a good design that attracts attention and makes everyone who receives it wear it again. At that moment we will have achieved our purpose, which is none other than to have our clients advertise our business for free.

To get quality t-shirts for events today, there are multiple textile customization techniques that range from embroidery for more professional and durable finishes, textile sublimation or full print for truly impressive and colorful designs, screen printing, vinyl or transfer.

Stage backgrounds or backgrounds

Stage backdrops or backgrounds are the soul of any self-respecting event, photocalls are a type of background and are one of the first elements that guests will see when entering the venue where the event is held.

Photocalls serve as a place to stand to take photographs that those attending the event take, so by adding your logo to these elements you will ensure that your clients and all attendees will perfectly remember the organizer of the event and its sponsors, if any. .

Think about the style that best suits the industry to which your business is dedicated and achieve a great impact on all those who decide to attend the event.

Merchandising for events

It is important that first of all we know that the great importance of having merchandising available for events is that when given a gift, our body generates endorphins and our brain generates serotonin, responsible for producing happiness.

Another thing that must be taken into account is that we must deliver a gift that is as useful as possible. More than 75% of people who receive a promotional product continue using it after a year.

On the other hand, try to make your merchandising a little original, don’t just stick with the typical pen and printing your logo in one color, give it a try! There are many merchandising products for events on the market designed specifically for each sector.

You should know that 84% of people are able to remember the brand of a company and its logo, after having seen it on merchandising. With your personalized promotional products, arouse the curiosity of whoever sees it and makes them go directly to the search engine for more information about your business.

Custom Printed Tarps

What is a tarp? Since its origins, the canvas was a piece of heavy fabric that has been used over time as a surface for paintings, prints, and advertising and propaganda claims that sought to attract the attention of an audience or public.

The canvas is a decorative element/panel, nowadays it is placed at the entrance to events to draw the attention of attendees and so that they can take a photo with the background, and thus have a nice souvenir that says “I have been there”, is the perfect excuse to take some photos and have a fun and/or glamorous moment.

You can use these banners, also called photocalls, if your company has the presentation of a new brand.,  a new product to show, or simply an event  internal.

When we prepare an event, among the multitude of details that we must  have present (merchandising,  t-shirts for staff at the event), we must not forget about this branding element, which more than just decorative, will make the entire place be in perfect corporate harmony.

More and more events have their own banner created exclusively for that event.  It is a good idea to make it themed to give more personality and strength to the space.

Why not create a photocall of a seabed for a diving event? You can always put your sponsors’ logos on a transparent layer, but in a more original way. This way you will get the attendees to have more interaction and feel more identified with the type of event they are attending, and the photos you will be able to get will have much more sparkle.

Printed signage for your events

Signage is undoubtedly another of the most important parts of any type of event, whether it is to mark and delimit spaces within any room or venue.

There are different ways to signal and announce an event, such as large letters designed to attract attention and stand out from any space. With them you can indicate the name of the event, your company and everything you need to create a unique space.

Signs are also another way to personalize the space where the event you are planning or where your company is going to attend takes place. It is a very striking way to add your company logo and get attendees to focus their attention on your stand.

The famous roll ups are a very effective way to display all the information and logo of your business on a large scale to prevent it from going unnoticed by the competition. One of its main advantages is that once the event is over, you can roll it up again and save it for the next occasion.

Do you already know how to complete the design of your event with merchandising products? Tell us, we’d love to know.