With the imminent arrival of Christmas and the great staging in many corners of our city, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to give you some advice on which stage fabrics are most suitable for your event.

We know that it is not easy to organize an event from scratch, at Saez Decom we have been doing it for many years, and each event, brand or product is very different, and in this difference lies the fun. The more you differentiate yourself from your competition and the more original you are, the more you will remain in the memory of all those attending the event. It is therefore essential that you think “outside the box” when decorating all the spaces of your event.

With stage fabrics the first thing you always have to think about is ensuring safety. When you are considering organizing an event and must choose fabrics for decoration, make sure that all the fabrics you use have passed all the necessary quality controls and have quality and safety certificates.

There is a good variety of fabrics that you can use on stages, with this you can create curtains, black cameras, stage backgrounds and a wide variety of decorative elements of your choice. Velvets are perfect for creating quality and elegant backdrops, canvases are ideal for cycloramas, we can also use a variety of fabrics to create projection screens of any size, we can also use acoustic fabrics to absorb all unnecessary noise.

At Saez Decom we recommend the use of Molton fabric, this is a versatile and very effective fabric for different occasions, you can make high quality acoustic fabrics with it, create black chambers and combined with our Pipe and Drape system you can easily separate spaces and with little effort, you do not need complicated installation or a lot of labor to be able to assemble a good space divider. We offer you a wide catalog of Molton fabrics of different weights and a variety of colors, suitable for any event.

At the same time, you can also use elastic fabrics to create all kinds of shapes on the stage. You can also use these fabrics to cover all types of furniture present on the stage and give them a personalized touch.