This weekend we have been doing antigen tests for an end-of-year graduation.

With a total of 8 tents, with teams of 2 toilets in each one, 300 students passed through in a period of 1.5 hours.

This is an excellent reference of what a practical case of mass testing is like in events with a considerable volume of people.

Calls were made every 15 minutes, for about 7/8 people per tent. This implies that every quarter of an hour, between 56 and 64 people had already taken the test and went to the enabled waiting area (15 minute wait until receiving the result).

In this way, not only did all attendees enter the ceremony according to the scheduled timings, but we avoided crowds, endless queues and disorder, factors that not only make the day uncomfortable and tiring, but also pose a great danger of contagion easily avoidable.

These indicators offer us parameters that we can extrapolate to any other occasion to make our calculations with a simple rule of 3.

Regarding the structural assembly, this time outdoor fabric tents were chosen, which allows constant ventilation, in addition to streamlining the entire process by shortening circulation and favoring communication between the health teams and the people who had just arrived at the facility.

As you can see, this system is not complex or aggressive. At Saez Decom we will not tire of informing and promoting these types of measures to offer safe spaces where we can reactivate the events sector and give citizens the possibility of getting together with guarantees.

If you want more information about our antigen test service for graduation and all types of events or need a specific quote for your case, send us an email with the number of people to test and the time slot in which you want it to be executed and we will advise you immediately.