You can’t always have such a large budget to carry out a spectacular stage set-up that meets your most capricious or excessive demands and at the same time leaves everyone with their mouths open. Still, you would be surprised at the power of the imagination to generate ideas and concepts when there is little. money. The smaller your budget, more forced you will be to rack your brain and generate ideas that possibly surpass in originality and concept those of someone with a larger budget.

All this, from Saez Decom we wantSaid  contribute our grain of sand with some tips that you should perhaps consider when you decide to do a stage setup.

1- Before setting up the stage, the design

The design of the stage is just as important as the execution itself when you go to set it up. That is why you need to concentrate a large part of your efforts on a design in accordance with the type of event it is aimed at. Is it a concert with only one artist? Is it a band made up of 5 artists? Is it an awards ceremony or a product presentation? The idea is understood, we must take into account all the parties that are going to participate in the event, and the main one is the type of activity that is going to take place there. It is also absolutely necessary to consider the space available in the event space, how many people will attend to take into account the size of the elements on the stage, the people in the last row will not see the same in an event with 300 people as with 50.

2- Consider the size of the audience

We want to emphasize this idea since it is very important to take this point into account. If for reasons of space or budget you can only design and build a small stage but you know that a large audience will attend, we recommend that the decorative elements you build for the stage are large, impactful and easy to understand. On the other hand, if you know that there will be a small audience, we recommend the opposite: fill the stage with small details, with good finishes and a lot of intention.

3- Expand horizontally

We know that many events are held in hotels, and most have not very high ceilings, so take advantage of expanding your stage horizontally to compensate for the vertical limitation. You can also add other decorative elements in the room to give the feeling that the stage extends, in addition to generating continuity.

4- Take advantage of the space

It may seem obvious, but we have seen so many things over the 30 years of experience in this sector, that we are going to say it anyway. Make the most of the space, be sure to place the stage in a corner or against a wall whenever possible to reduce the amount of space it will take up.

5- If possible, raise the stage

Previously we said to expand horizontally if the ceiling does not allow vertical expansion. In this case, if the ceiling of the event venue allows it, raise the stage to be able to put elements under it, save space and gain comfort. You can tuck in the subwoofers and the entire cable system so that it is not visible to the audience.

6- Take advantage of elements

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of the room’s own elements, use them. An example would be a fixed screen on the wall of a room, include that screen in your stage design and take advantage of it when you are setting up the stage. This can save you the cost of manufacturing some elements and you can invest in other things, such as a photocall.

7- Lighting is important

We do not want to detract from ourselves when we build sets that seem to have come from the future, but as Caesar is, lighting is extremely important to complement good design and optimal stage assembly. Depending on the lighting we choose, we can change a flat stage to a dynamic one, completely controlling the atmosphere in the room.

Our proposals

As you may have read previously, our company has more than 30 years of experience, in recent years our business is growing more than ever and that is why we have concentrated on proposing new product proposals to improve the quality of any type of scenario in any type. of event.

Since our beginnings we have tried to innovate and give a twist to old concepts in stage design and assembly, keeping our workshop up to date and investing in R&D. Furthermore, we always thoroughly test all our products before each event, this way, when the time comes, our product is definitive.

Having said all the above, we want to offer you an economical, versatile and sustainable product. Our 4to8 product. This innovative product consists of a series of modules with independent designs, capable of being coupled and creating unique compositions in each individual’s style. You can use the versatile 4to8 to create original, stylish stage backgrounds that are spectacular once illuminated. You can also use them to give continuity to the stage and use them as decoration, spread around the room, or as a room divider. There are many possibilities offered by this unique product.

For more information about the design and assembly of scenarios, you can contact our offices directly by phone or fill out the following form and we will be happy to assist you.