Do you need to separate spaces at an event? In this post we offer you a small guide on the types of room dividers and how to use them at any type of events.

We have several options to separate spaces:

1. Pipe and drape: versatile, compact, lightweight and reusable

The pipe and drape is one of the easiest ways to separate spaces. Its versatility makes effective transportation and quick and easy assembly and disassembly possible. As many components as necessary can be added and can be added to already assembled structures.
Being a solid and resistant structure, it allows you to fix lighting and sound elements, personalized to your liking.
The curtains used in pipe and drape are made of top quality molton material, fire retardant.

2. Room separator screens: functional and spectacular alike

Divider screens are one of the most creative and at the same time functional solutions available.
We have 7 different models of screens, combinable with each other in a thousand and one ways. With a little effort, spaces can be configured conveniently and in a very imaginative way.
We recommend combining screens with lighting for a spectacular and memorable result.

3. Room separator panels: lighting and color to the scene

Separator panels are an exceptional option to give light and color to the event. In some events, to separate environments you have to be a little creative and this option is perfect to give free rein to your imagination. You can customize every last detail with this system, shapes, colors, different sizes and personalized prints.
The separator panels are also very easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.

Do you still have any questions about our 3 types of room dividers? If so, you can contact us and we will solve all your doubts.