It will soon be 7 months since the first contact with the safe events project. We were nervous and didn’t know if our idea was going to work. The only thing we did know is that we could not sit idly by while the sector was consumed at great speed.

In September 2020 we started working on the idea of creating a system of safe events that was compatible with the safety and well-being of citizens, while allowing us to meet again at conferences, presentations, awards ceremonies, conferences…

It was the following month when we contacted Dr Oriol Mitjà, who welcomed the initiative, and we began to work together to define the real impact of the use of antigen tests in an event, calculating the risk of contagion in an event with or without test, as well as other fundamental scientific data to validate the idea.

From that moment on we immersed ourselves in the world of antigen tests and their application in events. Different unknowns arose: How do we do it? What should the space be like? How long would X number of people take? How is attendee data processed? Can we quantify how safe the event is?

Thanks to great teamwork and the mentoring and advice of Dr Oriol Mitjà, we gradually unraveled all these doubts to create a action plan solid that would allow us to bring together more entities and companies to create the first working group that would transform the idea into a reality.

A reality that on March 18, with the help and support of all those who signed the manifesto for the recovery of safe in-person events, we showed to the world in the form of the first safe event in Catalonia.

This meeting would not have been possible without the collaboration throughout the entire journey of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, since December 2020, as well as the impeccable executive production of Ingrid Vidal  along with script design Raimond Torrents, in addition to each and every one of the collaborating companies that did a spectacular job. You can find out who they are on the website or on social networks.

So we can only say THANK YOU!