The great versatility of trade fair carpets for events makes them perfect for a large number of uses. They can be used in your company for offices, offices, hallways, etc. They are also fantastic for fairs and conferences of all kinds, due to their manufacturing, especially designed for prolonged and intensive use.

Variety of colors and sizes in fair carpets for events

Taste is in variety and that is why we have a wide catalog that adapts to any need you may have. We can distinguish our carpets in 2 sizes of different widths, 2 meters and 4 meters. Likewise, you can also choose the length of the carpet pile and the touch-ups on the back.

We also have a wide range of different colors, to get as close as possible to the corporate colors of your company, or simply to the color that you like and that is appropriate and coherent with the design of your event or chosen space.

Main characteristics of our trade fair carpets for events

Long fiber carpets:

  • Composition 100% polypropylene fibre
  • Dilour structure
  • Fire retardant latex, pressed rubber and plastic support
  • Fibre weight 650 gr/m².
  • Total weight between 730 and 1250 gr/m².
  • Width of 2 metres
  • Length between 25 and 30 metres
  • Fibre height 6 mm
  • Fibre width 6 mm

Short fiber carpets:

  • Composition 100% polypropylene fibre
  • Smooth structure
  • Soporte S.B.R. Látex
  • Fiber weight 320 gr/m²
  • Total weight between 360 gr/m²
  • Width of 2.02 metres
  • Length of 45 m
  • Fibre height of 3 mm.
  • Fibre width 3 mm.
  • In 30 different colours

You can find more information on our carpets page.