If you are interested in organizing an event but you are not sure what type of decoration you should use, at Saez Decom we recommend a series of decorative elements with which you can create all kinds of combinations in any setting.

The vast majority of our items for stage decoration have been designed by our designers and manufactured in our own workshop, by carpenters with a lot of experience.

Projection screens

For perfect reproduction of your audiovisual pieces, it is always necessary to have a suitable projection screen. We only work with the best quality screens, so your assistants can view your pieces perfectly. We can offer you a wide variety of projection screens of the size you need.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are a fantastic element to give a different touch to your stage, they add light and color to the event. All our boxes are customizable, we can put your logo or the image you want. We have boxes of various sizes so you can arrange them however you want on stage.


In the vast majority of events where products and/or services are presented, a lectern is necessary. What better than a lectern designed and built especially for you. We can build any type of lectern, suitable for the presentation of your event and your products. With the help of our designers and master carpenters, we build not only functional lecterns, but also aesthetically special ones for decorating stages of all kinds.

walls of light

If you want to leave your attendees impressed, one of our star products is the light walls, available in a wide variety of sizes, they are highly customizable, we can design them with the image you prefer, including your logo, product, or your brand image .

Floors for stages

We have quality aluminum and wood pallets to create the perfect floor for your stage, no matter the size, we have all the necessary components to build it. We also have a huge catalog of carpets to cover all the platforms and give a unique look to the floor of your stage. We also offer you linoleum floors with a wide variety of designs available, including personalized designs, all to your liking.

4to8 modular system

Product designed and distributed exclusively by Saez Decom. Allows you to create custom stage backgrounds. We have 8 different models with which you can give free rein to your imagination. They are made of durable and robust plastic and are very easy to assemble and disassemble. One of the great advantages of this product is its versatility, it hardly takes any time to assemble and anyone can do it without the need for tools or special knowledge. When lighting is placed correctly they create a unique atmosphere. It is the perfect stage decoration for all events.

Decorative fabrics

We put at your disposal the largest catalog of decoration fabrics you have ever seen. We have all types of fabrics for your stage, all of them with their
corresponding fireproof certificate. Lycras, black cameras, cycloramas, acoustic curtains, molton, any type of fabric you can imagine, we have it, you can also choose any size and color you need. All our fabrics are made with quality materials and are of great quality, and of course they have passed the most exhaustive quality controls.

Pipe and drape

Saez Decom was a pioneer in bringing this system to Spain, since we have been working with Pipe and Drape for so many years, we are specialists in the transportation, assembly and disassembly of this fantastic and versatile product. It is perfect for stage decoration since it is quick and easy to assemble, and in turn, if applied with the right fabrics, it can create absolutely beautiful stage backgrounds on any stage.

custom furniture

We are capable of building all types of custom furniture so that your stage is completely personalized. We can make all types of chairs, tables, and lamps for complete customization. All our furniture is made with quality materials and has an unmatched finish.

For more information about any of our stage decoration products, do not hesitate to contact our offices and we will provide you with all the information you need in this regard.