Do you want to organize an event and need to separate several spaces? You can create false walls with our 3 systems to separate spaces, in the most original and creative way possible.

We can create a wide variety of shapes to separate the necessary spaces. Divider screens are a great option, they are highly customizable independent modules, creating unique compositions due to the large number of possible combinations.

7 models of screens in our room divider rental service

  • Argo
  • Barcelona
  • Earth
  • Flower Power
  • Matrix
  • Maze
  • One thousand and One Nights

You can combine them and the result will be spectacular. If you place it gracefully and apply the correct lighting, you will obtain a colorful and striking result, elegant and creative at the same time.

Room separator panels

We have more options in our room divider rental service for events. If our dividing screens are not suitable for your event, we have other options available such as our light boxes, perfect for acting as room dividers, providing luminosity and color to the scene.

We can offer you a 3D visualization of what it will look like at your event so that you can get the most accurate idea possible. In addition, our assemblers will take care of the transportation, assembly and complete disassembly, so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

Pipe and drape, versatile and practical

If there is a versatile and versatile system, this is the Pipe and Drape. It is capable of functioning as a stage background but also as an effective system to separate environments, quickly and easily. No tools are needed to assemble and disassemble it. You can combine several systems to obtain the necessary length and assemble the curtains you want, the most suitable for your event. Consult our curtain catalog for more information.

Si aún tienes alguna duda sobre nuestro servicio de alquiler de separadores de ambiente para eventos, ponte en contacto con nosotros y trataremos de ayudarte en todo lo posible.