Properties and characteristics of Molton Fabric One of the main characteristics of Molton is its soft surface, the result of a complex and elaborate manufacturing process that gives it special properties such as the characteristic roughness on both sides of the fabric.

The properties of Molton fabric make it perfect for theaters and studios, both television and music. This is able to absorb sound and light in a unique way due to its thickness, so it is also a very appropriate fabric for events of all kinds. We should not restrict the use of this fabric in audiovisual studios and theaters, it is perfectly suitable for other spaces and uses such as, for example, curtains for stages at events such as conferences, product presentations, awards ceremonies, concerts; as an acoustic curtain; also as opaque backgrounds to control lighting. The range of options that Molton fabric allows is very wide, which is why it is a very cost-effective fabric. Furthermore, due to its weight and manufacturing quality, it is a resistant and durable product that you can use repeatedly.

In addition, all our Molton fabrics for events are fire retardant, they have passed all the quality and safety controls required by the European Union, so they have the relevant certificates. The fireproof Molton means that in the event of a fire, the fabric never catches fire, instead, it melts and prevents the spread of the fire in the room and to the upper floors.

We can hang Molton curtains in different ways. At Saez Decom, we recommend using the Pipe and Drape at events, due to the ease it offers throughout the entire process: transportation, assembly and disassembly, fast and versatile.

If you want more information about this fantastic fireproof fabric, you can contact our offices or fill out the contact form and we will inform you in detail about the possibilities that Molton can offer at your event. Additionally, you can find Molton in different formats in our online store!