1. The system

The FrameWalls system allows you to create walls, columns and cubes quickly and easily. This product for events is available in a multitude of sizes and the cubes can be illuminated and change color using the DMX512 system. FrameWalls are ideal for events as they are quick to set up and take down and the finish is clean and professional.
It is the perfect system to create Light Boxes and Walls, Signage, Room Dividers and all types of Ephemeral Decoration. In addition, it can be adapted to each event.

2. DMX

RGB LED consumption 140W

DMX 512 is an electronic protocol used in lighting engineering to control event lighting. It allows communication between the light control equipment and the light sources themselves.
With this system you can make cubes built with FrameWalls come to life, adding the range of colors and transitions you want. It is compatible with any DMX512 device and very easy to use. You can make the transitions you want and connect them together. Do you want to see how it works? Well, watch the following video:
This system is perfect for corporate events, conventions, shows, concerts and much more.

3. The applications

Light Boxes

If you want to give color and luminosity to your event, our light boxes are the perfect element for this purpose. LED light boxes are ideal thanks to their intense brightness and durability, which can exceed 10 years. LED means more light and less consumption, therefore, they are much more profitable than traditional light boxes. One of the great advantages of LEDs is that they do not produce heat, therefore, they are especially useful in backlit elements.
Additionally, light boxes can be customized with the logo of your company or event. So you can add design elements to the light. Fully customizable!

walls of light

Light walls are perfect for creating stage backgrounds or spectacular photocalls. They are giant lamps illuminated from the inside that will give your event a modern and spectacular look. The finishes are smooth and professional and are quickly assembled.


Surely if you dedicate yourself to events you have had to create signage. Nothing is easier than doing it with the FrameWalls system. You can customize walls and columns to easily create signage elements. You can print your design on them and distribute them throughout the space you have chosen for your event in the easiest and fastest way.
Do you have an opening, a fair or an event location? Use FrameWalls to adapt the signage to your project. It looks spectacular!

Room dividers

Room dividers are another element that can be created with this system. At events it is normal to have to separate rooms for different purposes and having a simple and quick assembly system is essential for everything to go well.

Ephemeral decoration

Do you also need a Photocall or other ephemeral decoration elements? We have found the previous applications but surely you can think of some more for your event. Decorate it with FrameWalls, you will assemble it easily and adapt it to your design. Don’t miss it!

4. Contact

If you have fallen in love with our FrameWalls system, contact us. We are Saez DeCom, a company specializing in the rental and sale of products for events with more than 30 years of experience. We have many other products such as: stage backgrounds, projection screens, custom furniture, floors, structures, stages, stands and fireproof curtains and fabrics. We have our own 3D service for events and Event Project Manager.
You can visit us at: C/Marroc, 207 08019 Barcelona and on the website saezdecom.com
You can say hello to us at: hola@saezdecom.com