The Saez DeCom modular dance floor is ideal for all types of events. Made with high quality materials, this modular dance floor allows us different designs.

This modular dance floor is ideal for outdoor and indoor events, with waterproof and fire-proof finishes. With the polished and shiny finishes you can achieve an effect of dynamism and continuity on the court.

Our modular dance floor is made up of 1 x 1m pieces in two bright colors, you can combine them and achieve multiple designs. It is fully customizable, adapting to the space you have. The modular dance floor allows you to install non-slip vinyl on the floor itself. Personalize it with glossy or matte cut vinyl, also non-slip. With a logo or the initials of your party

Resistant, easy to store and install, the dance floor is ideal for use in any type of show or event, both indoors and outdoors.

Saez DeCom has 50m2 for rental of this versatile dance floor, you can combine it in different designs. The perimeter finishes in resistant non-slip aluminum and its easy installation system will allow for quick and safe installation.

The 1 x 1mt  and 30mm thick modules, with a glossy board thickness of 18mm and a maximum supportable weight of 700 kg/m2, completely resistant to rust are the main features of this dance floor.

We have been setting up stages for more than 30 years and we do it with more enthusiasm every day. We design and set up stages to enhance your brand image and so that you always have the most suitable stage for your project.

If you want more information about renting this dance floor  for events, do not hesitate to contact us through the form or by calling our offices directly. We will gladly assist you.