The manifesto “let’s recover in-person events” comes to light.

As we already wanted to express in the previous blog post “Answers and solutions for the events sector”, our sector is going through an undoubtedly difficult moment that puts the survival of many SMEs and self-employed workers in the country at stake.

But just because things are complicated, we should not sit idly by and wait for the storm to pass. In fact, the events sector has shown that it has not given up at any time to adapt to the new reality and continue offering our services with security guarantees, and we will not do it now.

For this reason, as a result of collaborative work with public-private entities Barcelona Fair, Barcelona Convention Bureau, and the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, we launch this manifest so that you can join the fight for the reactivation of Fairs and Congresses in the community of Catalonia through an access system with antigen tests, demanding the lifting of prohibitions for the practice of this type of acts to the government in office, as well as the pertinent indications on the procedures for the management and delivery of test data to the Department of Health.

On the other hand, we consider it crucial to emphasize that, parallel to the evident reactivation of the sector and recovery of jobs that this would entail, using the events as a source of mass screening would allow a considerable burden on the health system in addition to a circle of benefits that would be directly reflected in improvements for citizens:

    • Mass screening in the most affected areas.
    • Greater security for the population.
    • Increase in data collection for the Department of Health, which implies better knowledge of the real rate of infections by area, and allows better control of it.
    • Decongestion of hospital nursing services.
    • Psychosocial benefits for citizens, who will be able to access activities outside the home with security guarantees for themselves and their families.

If you work in the events sector and/or want to be part of this movement, sign as a company or individual at the following link to join the manifesto: Let’s recover face-to-face events.


Thank you very much, see you very soon.