Since we continue to grow year after year, it is very important for us to continue improving little by little, at a good pace and in a stable manner. At the same time, our catalog of fireproof fabrics also grows with us, in order to offer you more possibilities and increase your range of options when organizing an event.

We carry out all types of work with our fireproof fabrics

We have fireproof fabrics to make black cameras, they absorb all the light to always maintain maximum darkness, necessary on the sides of all plays to hide possible lighting in the service areas behind and on the sides of the stage.

The projection screens we offer are of the highest quality, for clear reproduction. They are perfect for presentations of products and services, as well as for reproducing any type of audiovisual piece at all types of events. We only work with the best products and that is why we offer the best possible quality.

We also put at your disposal all types of fireproof, super elastic lycra, so you can recreate all possible shapes. They are perfect for decorating spaces in an original and unique way.

We also offer you the best fabrics to create cycloramas, extra large fabrics, all of them fire-retardant, ideal for photography studios, illuminators and set designers.

Fireproof fabrics for all types of events

In our catalog we have all types of fabrics: silks, molton, muslins, and other cottons, which have passed strict quality and safety control. All our fabrics have all the relevant certificates for each fabric.

If you want to organize an event, but you are still not sure what type of fabrics you need to use, we recommend that you contact us and we will help you in every way possible to make your event perfect. If you want more information about our projects and our work, we recommend you visit our portfolio to see all our projects with fireproof fabrics.