In recent years, Barcelona has become one of the cities where the most international events are held. More than 200 conferences are held in our city a year, companies from all over the planet hold all types of events and Barcelona has become one of the world centers in meeting tourism, occupying third place.

There are a large number of people who move through these congresses, and security has to be guaranteed for all of them. For this reason, at Saez Decom we put at your disposal our entire catalog of fireproof fabrics to prevent any type of incident in time.

Variety in the catalog of fireproof fabrics for events

In our catalog we have a wide variety of fabrics such as silks, molton, muslins, lycras, canvases, projection fabrics, etc. We offer all our fabrics in different colors and as many meters as you need at any time.

We can build black rooms, separate spaces by combining our Pipe and Drape system with any of our fireproof fabrics for events. The Pipe and Drape system is also perfect for building an elegant stage background with any of our curtains, all of them very beautifully made, perfect for award ceremonies or talks of all kinds. We also offer you acoustic curtains, perfect for absorbing sound very effectively, available in multiple colors.

To decorate spaces at weddings, conferences, product presentations, etc. We have Treviras and velvets of the highest quality, in different colors. If you’re not sure which fabrics you should use at your event, our designers can help you choose the best options.

We guarantee security at all your events

We want to highlight that all the fireproof fabrics for events mentioned in this text have passed all quality controls and have obtained the relevant fireproof certificates to be able to be used in any type of event.

For more information about fireproof fabrics, contact our offices and we will be happy to assist you.