Due to the immense growth in online sales, commercial spaces have been forced to completely reinvent themselves to offer unique shopping experiences that cannot be replaced by digital means. A solution that has become very popular among the latest Retail Marketing trends is the Pop-Up Store design.

Pop-Up stores or corners are ephemeral commercial spaces that some brands design for a specific campaign in shopping centers, rented premises, on the same street, even in bars, hotels…

In this context, the redesign of the space and all the elements that make it up is key to adapting the way in which users interact with the brand and the product.

Its liquid and perishable nature along with the surprise effect sends a clear concept to the customer of “buying instantly”, which is very effective in increasing customer conversion (those who enter and buy).

From the point of view of design and production, Pop-up Stores present a series of advantages that benefit both the manufacturer and the customer:

Amazing designs

The Wow effect in a Pop-Up Store is especially important, so the limits of creativity and innovation can go much further than they would in a conventional store. This is because, as it is a temporary space, the decorative elements, lighting, exhibition, etc. They have less risk of deterioration due to use, and therefore we can make more extravagant constructions with much simpler materials, such as cardboard, ropes, wooden planks, etc.

Reduced cost

As we have mentioned, the possibility of using cheaper materials reduces the total cost, as well as the fact that large investments in civil construction, supply additions, large-scale installations, etc. are not necessary. There are many modular design options to create surprising spaces with a relatively low production and logistics cost. At Saez Decom we always try to offer the option with the best result-cost ratio, analyzing the economic benefit in sales that we can obtain.

High adaptability

As it is a simpler production and logistics process compared to a fixed installation, it allows us to adapt to the specific circumstances of the project with much more feasibility, as well as including modifications at a lower cost, whether repairs or changes of location or season. This means that we can make much more personalized designs for the specific moment and space without the need to carry out major works, and still achieve a greater visual impact.

Through the design of Pop-Up Stores, at Saez Decom we work to offer innovative solutions based on strong visual and sensory communication to represent the brand’s values with the best results.

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