In this post we are going to talk about the most important advantages that you can take advantage of when you decide to design stands for events. Stands are one of the most economical and effective options to improve your brand image, attract customer attention and immediately achieve customer loyalty.
The advantages of a stand designed exclusively for your brand far exceed those that a normal stand can give you.

Advantages of a personalized stand over other stands

Greatly improve your brand image

At specialized fairs and conferences, one of the best ways to create a good brand image is to design a stand especially for your company. You can put yourself in the hands of expert designers who will take into account all the factors involved in the exclusive creation of stands. What are these factors? Your corporate color is one of them, if used intelligently it can make a good difference with your competitors. Your logo, company name and corporate slogan are also vitally important and it is imperative that their design and manufacturing are impeccable and have good space on your stand.

Get customers’ attention

The main reason why your company takes the necessary trouble and spends the relevant resources to have a presence at a specialized fair or conference is to attract the attention of new clients or meet related companies with which to make deals. Getting customers’ attention is not the final goal, but it is the initial step where the new customer’s relationship with our brand begins. If our stand is similar to the rest of our competitors, we will not achieve this initial objective of attracting attendees to the event. Distinguishing your Stand from other brands is one of the goals of a company like ours, for this it is necessary to use good designers, with experience and good judgment, and good carpenters and experts in the manufacture of this type of products. Therefore, if your brand can afford an exclusive design and quality manufacturing, it is advisable to use them.

Build new customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is the ultimate goal of any company attending specialized conferences and fairs. When your stand meets its objective of attracting new customers, the next step is to build customer loyalty so that they become consumers of your products or services, follow you on social networks and share all your content in order to reach a larger audience. To achieve this point, you should have good merchandising, if possible, also exclusive and original, so that the customer keeps it and always has a memory of your brand, if in addition, the customer can interact with said merchandising in the form of mini game, will recommend it to more people, prolonging the reach of your brand and reaching more people. It is also necessary to have the appropriate staff so that once customers are at your stand, they remain interested in your product or new service and end up building loyalty. Of course the best way to retain a customer, apart from everything mentioned above, is to offer a quality, original product or service that no one else in the entire conference is offering.

Event stand creation process

Contact and technical visit

In order to do a perfect job, you have to follow very specific guidelines, otherwise there is the possibility of not creating the best possible product.
You should always start with a technical visit by the event stand designers. Without this technical visit or “Skype” it is impossible for the designer to fully understand all the needs you may have, what values you want to convey, what type of event the stand will be intended for, etc.

Presentation of proposals and budgets

By gathering all the necessary information, you start working on various designs and proposals that may be suitable for your project. In general, it is advisable, if not absolutely necessary, to be very well documented about the competition (to create a design that is not similar to and surpasses your competitors) and the latest developments in the market, in order to be able to make the best decision when proceeding with a design (unless the client has a very clear stand design). The designer has to make several proposals so that the client has an interesting range to choose from. From experience, we know that 9 out of 10 times (approximately), the client always chooses the design that the designer likes least :D. Along with the proposals mentioned above, a budget is attached of how much it would cost to manufacture the stands for events.

Production and project management

When the client has decided which proposal they like the most and has approved the budget, the next phase is production. In this phase we fundamentally dedicate ourselves to the manufacture of stands for events. We have a workshop equipped with the latest equipment and we have the help of a master carpenter and his team to make the most attractive stands with the best possible finishes.

Assembly and disassembly of stands for events

The last step to complete the entire process, but no less important, is the planning, assembly and disassembly of the stand. The client tells us when and where the stand should be set up, no matter what time we should do it, we offer availability 24/7, 365 days a year. We also dismantle the stand when the event is over, when the client tells us to do so. We have a team of professional and efficient assemblers, always punctual and who pay attention to all the details, no matter how minor.

For more information about stands for events, we suggest that you contact our offices and we will be happy to assist you without any obligation.